#College #Unity #GameJam
13th June 2019

Took part in a game jam at college and in 24 hours managed to make a 2D platformer in Unity called "The Falling".

#Blogging #HTML
13th June 2019

Been quite again... Unit 13 took a lot of free time away from me, but its all over now. Time to catch up!

#College #Unity #Networking
07th February 2019

Its been awhile... The first post of 2019, and I'll be going through what I've been doing since the last post.

#Unity #Discord
13th November 2018

Its nearly been a whole week since I posted about me creating my first Unity editor tool, in that week I managed to get it released!

#Unity #Discord
07th November 2018

I wanted to make some sort of tool for unity, not something which would be in a game but something which would be used in the editor but it just needed to be a short simple idea I could just do in a few days.

#Blogging #HTML
03rd November 2018

My first blog post, YEAH!
Hopefully not the last one...

Feel free to contact me about anything 😄

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