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7th November 2018

Its nearly been a whole week since I posted about me creating my first Unity editor tool, in that week I managed to get it released!

I first started work on getting some actual art for the rich presence as I had only just been using placeholders, I didn't want to waste so much time creating the art as this was just meant to be a fun little project so that I / others could show off what they are working on, on discord. The final result is just the Unity logo with "UERP" along the bottom, as it was going to be really small anyway it didn't need to have so much detail.

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Now I had art, code and a name, all set for release! My first idea was to release it onto Unity's asset store however when I started looking into the process of getting a publisher account I decided not to bother. I ended up going with Github, I knew this would be it would be harder for people to install and get less attraction, however, I didn't just make it to make something amazing which tons of people could use, I just wanted a way to share what I am working on with people on discord.
Responsive Image The first release page on github

Shortly after releasing it I realized instead of having the scripts as .cs files with the unity package, I could just create a native unity plugin meaning people would just get the .dll file instead of two different scripts. So with a bit of copy and pasting, I moved it all over and compiled it into a .dll making it look better ( in my eyes :D ) and made another release, version 1.1!

So that's what has gone on during this last week with UERP, it's also available for download on GitHub (if you couldn't guess after reading this blog post).

UERP on Github