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Unit 12

07th February 2019

Its been awhile.
The first post of 2019, and I'll be going through what I've been doing since the last post. At this current point of time, I am currently studying at Northbrook MET doing Games Development Level 3 Extended Diploma. A week after I posted about finishing UERP I got my next unit, Unit 12.

Each unit has a theme and an assignment brief you have to go through and complete, this unit the theme was "Nautical". Over those 9 weeks I had to write a critical report, do primary and secondary research about the theme, write about 4 possible game ideas, pick one and write a proposal, create test pieces based off that proposal and finally create the final product. Due to the short nature of these assignments you can never really create a full game, it just ends up being a prototype.

My idea for unit 12 was based on the ".io" browser games, where you put in a nickname and hop in and play to get the best on the leaderboard. The game wasn't to a finished state to how I dreamed of it being, but that's what happens with all of these units, I only had 2 weeks of development and am happy with what I learnt during that process.

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Image from my Unit 12 wordpress page.

So I've had to put things on hold as that was taking so much of my energy and time up, and now my final unit, Unit 13, seems to be doing the same and it's only the first week into it.

I've still been thinking of cool projects I want to get started on, here's a list of some of them.

  • Visual Scripting Editor for modding in Raft
  • Raspberry Pi radio for my car
  • VR Shopkeeper game

At college, we also had an Industry day, where guest speakers came in and spoke about what they do and answered questions. One interesting thing which caught my eye was from a talk from Anthony Marmont, previously studied at Northbrook then went on to working at TT Games in Brighton after completing the level 3 extended diploma. His talk was more of a ask me anything, but one thing I found interesting was when he showed the Github of his RPG Core Inventory system, the one thing which stood out was the image which looked to be visual node base behaviour for the items.

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Image from RPG Core on Github by Anthony Marmont

This similar to what I want to do with the visual scripting editor for creating mods in Raft, so for the two days which I had free from handing in Unit 12, to starting Unit 13 I went through his code seeing how he achieved it in the unity editor. I managed to get it to read from a scriptable object their mod information and place a blank node on the screen which you can drag around and move around in the window. Hopefully, I'll get some time to go into more detail about it in another blog post.

This was a longer post than normal, explaining what I've been up to. Hopefully, this final unit won't be too hard and I can keep working on stuff at home. If you made it this far, thanks for reading, I don't have any real way telling if people visit or read these pages, I'm just trying to share what I've done and improve on my writing. If you did want to follow this blog, the current only way is by watching the Github repository here.