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Update 13th June

13th June 2019

Been quite again... Unit 13 took a lot of free time away from me, but its all over now. Time to catch up!

For my final major project this year at college (unit 13) the theme was "Forgotten". Each project I have tried to set the bar higher and higher with the code behind my projects as I enjoy the challenge of trying to get it completed, this year I went creating a procedurally generated survival game based on the Earth which had been forgotten about when everyone evacuated. The main thing I wanted to learn from this was the procedural generation, as I had never done it on this scale before so it would be the main thing I would take away from this project. It also turned into the reason why I hated it so much.

Over the course of the eight weeks, the idea of having procedurally generated cities on procedurally generated terrain went out the window and ended up being just one large city procedurally generated. But I still learnt what I wanted to learn, which was how it is to create these types of mechanics in games. One of my main problems was getting the two different generators to link together in one, as I had created them as sperate test pieces, but when it came to joining them it just wouldn't work. So I learnt that when creating big procedural generated mechanics, you have to plan ahead a lot more than you would usually and in much more detail. But the assets, well, let's say they were very rushed and simplified.

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Polluted Boards - GitHub Word Press

Now that's my final assignment out of the way, what next? Now that I have finished this college course, I am hoping to try and get a job in the industry as a C# game programmer without going to University. I am still trying to learn new things in C# to improve my skills with projects outside of college. As my interests have drifted away from the game raft, I have started learning a different networking solution for dedicated servers in Unity, by trying to implement multiplayer into a preexisting game on steam as a mod. It is challenging but fun.

Lastly, there has been an overhaul to the blog. When I started using Firefox as my primary browser I realised right away that there was an issue with the images causing them not to be cropped. But I already felt like the images where not good quality anyways because most of the time I wouldn't have an image to show, so instead I rethought of a design for the main page.

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Old vs New

Now on this new layout, you aren't greeted with a massive image which is oversized, and you can see more information on the screen without having the scroll so far down. Also, I tried to stick with the same header from my portfolio so that they are similar when going from site to site. Overall I am happy with this new design and it saves me having to create a new image for the home page of each post.

Hopefully, now that college won't be taking up all my time, I can work on some cool projects, but only time can tell.