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College Game Jam

13th June 2019

Took part in a game jam at college and in 24 hours managed to make a 2D platformer in Unity called "The Falling".

The theme for this game jam was "5 Seconds to live", and we were left to create our own groups with the people who had turned up. I ended up partnering with an artist called Joshua Fox and together we ended up creating "The Falling". For this game jam we kept it simple, neither of us had done one before so we just stuck to something simple so that we would actually complete the game and be happy with it.

I was the programmer of the two, what I did was fixing the assets given to me in photoshop such as removing backgrounds and changing sizes or exporting layers, importing that into unity, creating the code for the game and creating the page on and gamejolt.

Some issues I faced along the way while creating this game, was my first time using the particle system in Unity. I first just added the component instead of using the game object which you can spawn in, and also being confused in the sea of different options you could choose from. Exporting to Web GL for the first time, and having issues with the camera changing size depending on that the view size was on the browser. The way I went around this issue was by setting the fixed size of the game in the browser to 1600x900, then I knew at that size you would definitely be able to see the whole map when you play, however, it does mean people who have a smaller than that resolution for their monitor have to zoom out to see it all.

Overall, I am happy with the final product and learnt new things about web GL and the particle system and put to use using git command line instead of a nice GUI.